How to Properly Deal With Property Damage In Your Home Or Office 

Having water damage can be a difficult thing to deal with. The after effects can be confusing because you do not know which cleaning and repair services are worth being purchased. Using several services will ensure that dealing with water damage Chesapeake VA or anywhere is the world is solved easliy and quickly. One of the most important services to consider is finding the source of the water damage and putting a stop to it if the source isn’t a known one like a natural disaster. The most common water damage scenarios are storm damage, leaking appliances and plumbing, and sewage backups.

Another valuable service is the damage assessment. Service professionals can help you identify the category of water you are dealing with in your home. This is important because water can be contaminated and that can really affect your health. Typically, the company will define water in one of three ways:

• Category 1 Water: White
• Category 2 Water: Gray
• Category 3 Water: Black

Black water is the most severe because it is thought to have more contaminants than the other categories of water. There are other aspects of the inspection process. It also includes checking for potential safety issues such as mold or asbestos. Should safety issues like that be discovered you’ll get more information on those problems. Furniture removal can be an additional helpful service to ensure that your furniture will not incur additional damage.

Arguably the most important service to look at is water removal. Most companies will use large industrial submersible pumps and wet/dry vacuums to get rid of all the water. Inspectors will also let you know if your carpet can be dried and repaired or if it needs to be completely removed to protect your floors from water damage.

There are some great tools for finding all the moisture that can be hidden behind walls or under the carpet. There are moisture detectors that can measure moisture saturation of an area. If the moisture saturation levels are high, then that area must be dried and repaired. Repair companies might also use infrared cameras to find water behind walls so that nothing is missed.

Another important element in dealing with water damage is drying and de-humidification. This process uses air movers and dehumidifiers to remove any remaining moisture from the water damaged areas. They use these tools while monitoring the moisture in the area using moisture meters. After the meter shows an acceptable amount of moisture, then the drying service is completed. It is important to ensure that even after most of the water is removed, that the moisture from the water is dried as well.

The final important element is cleaning after all the damage is repaired. Usually, surfaces that are wet for a prolonged amount of time will have an odor. The company you choose to work with should have a cleaning service that can deodorize and haul away damaged materials. You should also take advantage of sanitation treatments. They will ensure that harmful bacteria isn’t growing in the area that suffered water damage.